About us

As time passed and we gained an increasingly larger area of the European market, in 2021 the company transformed into a joint-stock company called Scandinavian Moss AB. As a moss producer, we provide high-quality moss prepared with the utmost care, while maintaining its natural properties. The careful production process of moss allows you to enjoy its natural colour and appearance – or the color of a natural dye chosen by the customer.

Moss production – reindeer lichen

Our main export product to domestic and European markets is reindeer moss, also known as reindeer lichen. Moss is harvested in the surrounding forests, directly from the natural habitat of these lichens.

How is moss produced at Scandinavian Moss?

The moss is harvested by hand and then dried. Thanks to properly selected tools and measures, the moss retains its properties – fresh look, softness and lightness. After the proper treatment, the preserved reinfeer moss is non-flammable and resistant to external factors and remains soft to the touch for many years.
At the same time, the growth process is inhibited. As a moss producer, we provide both naturally green and grey mosses, as well as dyed mosses in various colours.
The moss is then packed in cardboard boxes and shipped to customers.

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See our offer – learn about the types of mosses we prepare and choose the one that best suits your expectations.



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