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About us

Scandinavian Moss AB is a company operating on the European market since 2008. We manufacture and export prepared reindeer moss – moss, which is used for decorative purposes in homes and companies.


Scandinavian moss – perfect interior decoration

Reindeer moss is actually a lichen that occurs all over Europe. It is often found especially in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Greenland. Its name is associated with the environment in which it most often lives, i.e. regions with reindeer clusters. Interestingly, lichen is their favourite delicacy.

Thanks to manual collection and careful production, preserved reindeer moss retains its properties – its appearance, natural colour, and at the same time it does not grow.

Scandinavian moss does not require watering – about 40-60% humidity in the air is enough for it. It is also resistant to mould and fungi, does not attract dust and mites, so it is perfect for an allergy sufferer’s home, avoiding potted plants.

Impregnated, naturally-dyed coloured moss

Our Scandinavian moss is sold in three shades of green. Thanks to impregnation with 100% natural compounds and dyes, our product gains hypoallergenic properties, excellently filters the air around us, does not fade, and requires no maintenance.



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