Sscandinavian Moss AB – wholesaler of a dried reindeer moss

Our offer includes dried natural moss, collected by hand and subjected to a special treatment that provides it with the appropriate properties:

  • non-flammable – dried sphagnum and reindeer moss are impregnated in a way that protects against flammability
  • resistance to fungi and moulds – thanks to the drying process, our reindeer moss is also safe for allergy sufferers, animals or young children because it does not allow the development of mould and fungus spores
  • easy to maintainimpregnated reindeer moss that is available for sale in our company does not require watering – it is sufficient for the natural humidity in the rooms at the level of approx. 40-60%

Preserved reindeer moss – Wholesale

Why should moss be properly impregnated? This is necessary to inhibit its growth and development – at the same time, the same process maintains the softness and elasticity of the moss. Preserved reindeer moss available for sale in Scandinavian Moss AB will be perfect as an element of decoration of an apartment, kindergarten or school, restaurant or company interiors. It is safe, easy to care for (does not require any!), soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

What else does permanent impregnation ensure? Thanks to this treatment, the moss will not dry out. It is also antistatic – it does not attract dust, dust or insects – therefore it is a great solution in any room.

Reindeer moss is a type of lichen, and its name comes from the fact that very fond of it are.. reindeer. It has many varieties, and in some countries, it is partially protected – it cannot be picked up in forests, destroyed or replanted. Hence, many people interested in this type of decoration are looking for producers offering moss for sale – such as us, Scandinavian Moss AB.



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